Turnover growth season for cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces

19 April, 2023

Vilnius Shopping Centre CUP welcomes the warm season not only by rejoicing over the blossoming cherry park of C. Sugihara, but also over the expansion of the outdoor terraces – a strategy that proved to be so successful last year. Last year, the shopping centre, which has the largest number of such terraces of all the shopping centres in the capital, saw a clear return on its investment in this direction. Building on this good experience, this year CUP, together with its lessees, is introducing a whole bouquet of attractive new features for the summer season.

The turnover of lessees with outdoor terraces increases by 30 percent in summer. 

"We are located in one of the most beautiful places in the capital, overlooking the landscape of the river meander, and we can feel how the verdant vegetation and the Japanese cherry blossoms give us a good charge for the entire working day. No wonder our excellent geography naturally attracts visitors to our shopping centre. In addition, over the years we have also become a modern, stylish place that fits in well with the local environment. We estimate that the turnover of restaurants and cafés with terraces increases when the terraces are open, and in May-August it is on average about 30% higher than when the outdoor terraces are not open," says Ona Nevinskienė, the Head of the CUP Shopping Centre.

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Turnover growth season for cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces

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