Companies from all over Lithuania are creating a business success story in the centre of the capital

15 March, 2023

"Just as the capital is the city that represents the entire Lithuania, our shopping centre can be proud to reflect the geography of strong businesses from different parts of the country and the very best qualities of such businesses. We choose our partners not on the basis of where they were born and grew up, but on the synergies and potential that they and their cooperation create, and on how our shared visions, our approach to sustainable development, and our approach to the visitor of the shopping centre coincide," says Ona Nevinskienė, CEO of the CUP Shopping Centre. According to her, CUP's retail space includes not only shops established by entrepreneurs from Kaunas, but also from Telšiai, Gargždai and Varėna, which have been here for many years. Some of them have been on the same road with the shopping centre for the second decade.

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