A new city festival invites Vilnius residents to events at the "River Terrace"

24 May, 2022

The mosaic of cultural summer events in the city of Vilnius will be complemented by a new festival, which will take place on the "River Terrace" on the 5th floor of the CUP Shopping Centre.

On summer Thursdays, Vilnius residents and visitors are invited to see a different side of the capital with live music and delicious food. It is the place to go on dates. The place to “recharge your batteries”. The place that grows wings. The place where you want to come back.

The city festival will not only invite you to discover a new space in the very centre of Vilnius, but will also offer 11 different events, ranging from acoustic music programmes to theatrical performances. There will be original song, rock, popular music, sensitive, nostalgic experiences and memorable moments. 

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