Last year was one of the best years for the Blood Centre subdivision in the CUP, with 15,168 donor visits

09 April, 2021

In the six years since the NBC unit started operating in the CUP Shopping Centre, last year was one of the most successful for the subdivision, with 15,168 visits from blood donors, of which 12,780 blood donations were made. During the year, 985 people tried blood donation for the first time at this subdivision.

"We understand that the prolonged quarantine has made it increasingly difficult for many businesses to find the motivation or the funds to carry out social responsibility projects that are important to society. After all, in addition to the challenges we all share, we are obliged to take care of our employees, to foresee the future scenarios of our business, taking into account both reversible and irreversible changes in life and activity. However, as we plan for how we will respond after the pandemic subsides, we cannot afford to be on the sidelines when life and death issues are dealt with in healthcare institutions. I believe that the current difficulties are a context assisting business to show its approach to communities, which can not only help to build trusting relationships, but can also be a force for overcoming hardship and building resilience," says the CUP CEO Ona Nevinskienė. 

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