Bicycle repair


In Vilnius, the CUP shopping center has a self-service bicycle repair station for daily bicycle maintenance for the convenience of cyclists. Due to the increasing number of cyclists in the city, there was a need to establish a place for bicycle repair and maintenance. A self-service bicycle repair station is located on the first floor of the Vilnius shopping center CUP. The station device provides an opportunity to carry out basic bicycle repair work. At such a repair station, cyclists can inflate or change a tire, fix a steering wheel, adjust a seat, fix brakes or a chain. The station equipment contains a set of tools necessary for these bicycle repairs. The set includes several types of screwdrivers, wrenches, a wrench with a handle, a tire lever, a pump with an adapter and an installation kit. It's nice to have such a place to repair your bike, it's very likely that there will be more such stops in the future. Certainly not a single cyclist is caught in an unenviable situation when, after leaving the city, some kind of bicycle malfunction occurs far from home. In this case, it remains to invite a friend with a car for help to bring the bike home or to the nearest place. PC CUP gives you the opportunity to repair your bicycle yourself in the very center of Vilnius. It is possible that such stops will be an incentive for people to sit behind the wheel of a bicycle rather than in a car. As you know, moving more produces feel-good hormones, so there will be more happier townspeople!