Social responsibility

For the safety of physicians fighting the pandemic

At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we took care to protect not only ourselves and our customers, but also the physicians fighting on the front of the pandemic, who are saving other people’s lives and are treating seriously ill patients. As members of the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LREDA), we joined the initiative of this business organization. CUP allocated 10,000 euros to the joint LREDA project for the purchase and delivery of protective equipment for physicians. We contributed to a meaningful action that helped to provide doctors with 100,000 respirators, 15,000 safety glasses and tens of thousands of other protective means.

To save lives in hospitals

During the pandemic, we took into account the professional challenges of physicians and the needs of hospitals, due to the lack of professional treatment equipment. In December 2020, the CUP shopping centre allocated 20,000 euros support for PE Medical Institutions Support Fund established by President Valdas Adamkus and being under his auspices. The funds were used to acquire the most necessary medical equipment – multi-functional monitors for monitoring the patients’ condition and high-flow oxygen therapy devices were purchased for PE Vilnius City Clinical Hospital.

To maintain health, to ease the burdens of life

The unit of the National Blood Centre (NBC), which operates under the roof of the CUP, receives about 15,000 people per year who want to become blood donors. This is the highest donation flow of a single department compared to other departments of this organization. In 2021, 14 997 people visited here and donated blood 12 663 times.

For a number of years, we have been sponsors of the 3×3 charity basketball tournament organized by the Rimantas Kaukėnas Charity and Support Fund. The tournament, known as “For Victory to Live”, where famous athletes compete, takes place on the square near the White Bridge. It is an event designed to ease the burden of children suffering from oncological diseases and their relatives, to maintain strength and to give them hope.

For those in need 

We cooperate with the charity and support fund “Maisto bankas”, the purpose of which is to fight food wasting, to promote social solidarity and citizenship, and to help those in need with food. We participate in campaigns organized by this fund, during which buyers are invited to purchase food products for those who cannot buy enough food.

For Ukraine

We stand in solidarity with the defenders of Ukraine. We expressed our support to the Ukrainians by allocating 30,000 euros targeted support to the Lithuanian Red Cross. We also handed over 530 blankets intended for Ukraine to this experienced organization that protects people’s lives and dignity and rescues during disasters.