What grocery stores are there in CUP Shopping Center?

"Skonis ir kvapas", „Šokolado meistrai”, "Rūta", "Candy POP", "Livin", "Maxima", "Vynoteka", "Džiugas", "Crustum", "Mažoji ragainė".

In the Shopping Centre CUP, you will find the following Lithuanian coffee, tea and sweet shops: "Skonis ir kvapas", "Šokolado meistrai", "Rūta". Non-traditional flavors from different countries will surprise the visitors of "Candy POP". "Livin" selling organic, natural products will help each customer to choose quality products that protect his health. At PC CUP, you will also find the Maxima retail chain, which will allow you to shop quickly and conveniently. The Bottlery and Vynoteka will provide you with the opportunity to discover different types of drinks and snacks from different countries around the world. You can also buy jams and quality wine in the specialized cheese store "Džiugas". The "Crustum" bakery always has fresh bread products, and "Mažoji ragainė" offers not only delicious baked goods, but also a variety of freshly prepared dishes. The shopping center CUP, located in Vilnius, has a wide variety of food products, which are characterized by their price and quality. Food stores located under one roof will allow customers to quickly and conveniently find the food offers they want. Promotions applied in different stores will help you choose the best price from a large offer.