O, Ramenai by FinFun.lt


International snacks and drinks.

We are a specialty store where you will find the widest and largest selection of ramen soups and convenience foods from around the world. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional flavor experience at an always affordable price that will satiate your every day.

Ramen Kingdom: On our shelves you will find all types of ramen, from traditional, to very unusual flavors. Each ramen package is carefully selected from Japan, Korea, China and other Asian countries. Our assortment is divided into three price levels: so that everyone can find something that fits their needs and budget. Whether you're looking for a quick and tasty snack or a special meal for dinner, we have something to offer.

Fast Foods: In the assortment you will find not only various macaroni and cheese, but we also have a wide range of ready-to-eat meals that are perfect for those in a hurry. We don't forget a healthier option suitable for people who are gluten intolerant, so we guarantee there is a lunch or dinner for everyone.

Soft drinks: Our beverage department offers a wide range of flavors from classic to highly unusual. Here you will find soft drinks, juices, lemonades, teas and other delicacies from around the world. Each drink is selected to surprise and delight. 


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