In Vilnius, at the CUP shopping centre, you can find not only shops, but also a wide range of entertainment. You will see this when you visit the exhibition "Future live", the children's playroom "Mažųjų karalystė" and the shops "Gera dovana", "Laivalaikio dovanos". The entertainment at PC CUP is for the whole family.

The adventure and entertainment exhibition and entertainment space "Future live" immerses you in a world of sensations, excitement and wonder. Visitors are amazed by the colours, the sights, the creative possibilities and the wide variety of activities. This impression is achieved through the use of art objects and installations combined with modern interactive technologies. "Future live" invites you to choose this space for your child's birthday party, for workplace parties or festive events, for large groups of people. It's a great way for the whole family to spend their free time, and "Future live" gift vouchers can be the perfect gift for teenagers.

The Children's Room "Mažųjų karalystė" is ideal for children's birthday parties, as it offers entertainment for children and a cosy private space for parents. A certified and safe playground with lots of fun components awaits the little ones every day: a trampoline, a double straight slide, a spiral slide, a large ball pool, a belt tunnel, a spider tower, lots of high-quality educational toys, educational activities, a dollhouse, a gingerbread man workshop, a mini photo booth.

"Gera dovana" shop is a place where entertainment gift vouchers for one or two people are sold, with entertainment offers for men, women and children. There is a wide range of entertainment on offer, much of it extreme, active leisure activities.