Clothing repair


Linos Artelė, a sewing shop, is located on the fourth floor of the Vilnius shopping centre CUP. The skilled seamstresses can make or repair any garment, curtain or bedding.

Linos Artelė uses professional equipment and quality materials, and the sewing specialists are highly qualified professionals. Before mending a coat, jacket or suit jacket, experienced staff will advise you on where to mend it and how to do it so that it looks like new. The sleeves of a jacket or coat can be shortened or narrowed, even if it seems complicated. Lina Artelė also mends leather garments such as jackets, coats, trousers, skirts, repairing various defects, tapering, shortening, patching, lining replacement and zipping. Pockets are often worn out, and here they are mended or replaced. If you have bought a garment that you wanted, but it needs a little improvement, reduction or shortening, the tailors will help you. Maybe you want to repair an old-fashioned garment and give it a new lease of life? The seamstresses at Linos Artelė can help you do just that. Or maybe in your wardrobe you have an unworn garment made of expensive, high-quality material, in which case you might want to think about how you can fix it up so that it becomes a favourite to wear.

Linos Artelė also mends curtains in the event of defects or when they need to be better adapted to the interior of the house. Bed linen can be mended if it does not match the dimensions of the bed linen or if it is defective. Prices for mending garments depend on the complexity of the repair and the work involved.