Stationery stores


Which shops in the Shopping Center CUP sell stationery items?

You can find these items at the stationery shop “Pinokis” and at the bookstore “Pegasas” in the Shopping Center CUP. They sell not only books and school or office supplies, but also board games, gifts, items for home, leisure and creative activities as well as many other products.

Here you will find everything from writing instruments, stickers, canvases, stamps, reflectors, stationery rubber bands in various colours and sizes to photo albums, calendars, business gifts or plenty other products. For this reason, anyone who stops by will be pleased and will find what they are looking for themselves and their loved ones. A large selection of stationery items and discounts will help the customers to quickly find the items they are looking for at a good price. “Pinokis” offers a range of products from Stabilo, Pelikan, Zebra, Herlitz, Timer, Fila, Heyda, Folia, Milan, Casio, Crayola and many other well-known manufacturers. The shop also provides such services as black-and-white and colour copying, printing, scanning, book lamination, binding, stamp making, and printer cartridge refilling. “Pegasas” is not merely a shop, because in addition to selling stationery, books, cozy home accessories, and games, it also offers gift ideas for various occasions and holds events. The customers of “Pegasas” bookstore can not only choose form a wide selection of books, but also from thematic attributes next to them, for example, to find kitchen utensils, lunch boxes, drinking glasses or thermoses next to cookbooks.