Which restaurants are in the CUP Shopping Centre?

The following restaurants and food and beverage outlets are located in the CUP shopping centre in Vilnius: „Caif Cafe”, „Can Can Pizza”, „Charlie Kids”, „Charlie Pizza”, „Crustum”, „Džiugas”, „Grill London”, „Grill Terrace”, „Hesburger”, „Julius Meinl”, „La Crepe”, „Manami”, „Mažoji Ragainė”, „Narvesen”, „Senoji Kibininė”, „Subway”, „Sushi City” ir „Vero Cafe”.

Is home delivery possible from the CUP shopping centre?

You can place take-home orders at some of the shopping centre’s food outlets: „Mažoji ragainė”, „Charlie Pizza”, „Manami”, „Sushi City”, „Caif Cafe”, „Candy POP”, „Narvesen”, „Subway”, „Hesburger”, „La Crepe”, „CANCAN Pizza”, „Senoji kibininė”.

Restaurants in Vilnius, located in the CUP shopping centre, are the perfect choice for enjoying delicious, quality food. When you visit the restaurants operating here, you will find a cosy interior, the best food choices, a very wide range of dishes offered by different restaurants, places with a beautiful view of Vilnius Old Town and other advantages. “Senoji Kibininė” and “Mažoji Ragainė” also provide catering services, so you can place orders for weddings, christenings and other important celebrations and events. The restaurants in the shopping centre will give you the opportunity to save time, satisfy your hunger and enjoy the delicious flavours of different dishes. Interesting, exclusive, yet-to-be-tasted flavours and traditional, familiar, well-loved dishes and drinks – all only in the CUP shopping centre.