Car repair

Most people have encountered car breakdown problems and know how stressful it can be to find reliable technicians and the right spare parts and how much precious time it does usually take. For the convenience of customers, there are even two reliable car repair shops at the Shopping Centre CUP in Vilnius that you can confidently entrust the repair of your cars to. These are the "Berautus" and "Restauto" car repair shops. Leaving your car to professional craftsmen and spend your time at the Shopping Centre CUP without any worries.

The "Berautus" car repair shop is located on the second floor of the Shopping Center CUP. Only professional and experienced craftsmen work in this service, so you can safely entrust them with the maintenance of your car. "Berautus" provides all car repair services – computer diagnostics, wheels are installed and balanced, air conditioners are filled and repaired, etc., cars are prepared for technical inspection. Qualified "Berautus" craftsmen specialize in engine and gearbox, chassis, turbine repair, and electronics.

The work is guaranteed, and the prices of the work depend on the specific fault, the scope of the repair and the required details.

The "Restauto" car service is located on the first floor of the Shopping Center CUP. Here, professional craftsmen provide quality repair services for European, Japanese and American cars, in cooperation with reliable suppliers, they take care of the necessary details for the convenience of customers. Restauto car service carries out diagnostics and numerous repairs, such as minor body repair work, muffler, light, bumper repair, tire installation or oil change, engine repair, electrical work and preparing the car for technical inspection.