You can find the Crustum bakery in Vilnius, in the CUP shopping centre. Crustum. The first Crustum bakery opened its doors in 2009. To ensure the taste and quality of the baked goods, the bakery's artisans use only fresh and quality food products. The bakers, pastry chefs and bread bakers are constantly improving their recipes and searching for new ones to delight customers with new pastries, desserts and breads. All Crustum bakeries are filled with the smell of a wide variety of freshly baked pastries and roasted coffee prepared by professional baristas from early morning. The bakery café is always a great place to grab a coffee with a fresh muffin, breakfast or a snack during the day. It offers nutritious and gourmet snacks with a hint of Italian, French or Asian cuisine. These include a variety of sandwiches, Karaite pasties, croissants with stuffing, Asian rolls with chicken or vegetables, Italian muffins and French quiches.

The Crustum bakery even offers several types of bread. These include black bread with caraway seeds, sandwich bread with carrots and flaxseeds, burger buns, Italian bread, French baguette, and vegan bread without yeast or sugar.

The artisans at the Crustum bakery bake a wide range of desserts and cakes, which can be ordered for your celebration. Orders are ready for collection within 24 hours at the earliest.

The Crustum bakery offers home or office delivery of baked goods. Choose from three different sized food kits for breakfast, brunch and special occasions. You will find the Crustum bakery at PC CUP, Upės g., Vilnius.