Green energy for a cleaner city

At the end of 2021, CUP concluded a contract with the electricity supplier Enefit, whose priority is green energy produced in Lithuania and efficient energy technologies. This decision of the shopping centre was determined by the position of socially responsible business, the pursuit of sustainability and national energy independence.

Together with the Vilnius city community, we support the idea of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport. One of the incentives for our customers is a battery charging station for electric vehicles installed near the CUP shopping centre.

We contribute to sustainable mobility initiatives in the capital of Lithuania. Near the central entrances of the CUP shopping centre, on the first and third floors, there are more than 40 places for bicycles – non-polluting vehicles that encourage movement.

Less plastic and disposable items

We support projects that aim to reduce the use of plastic and especially single-use plastic items. Confectionery brand “Crustum” and “Vero cafe” located in the CUP centre apply 10 percent discount on coffee in a cup brought by a visitor. When purchasing a pie or other delicacy at “Crustum” and having their own container for this purchase, visitors are additionally encouraged by 10 percent discount. “Vero cafe” strives for sustainability with innovative solutions – using cups made from coffee grounds and beech fibre collected and processed from the Baltic coast.

In the CUP shopping centre, you can drink water not only from a plastic bottle purchased at the shopping centre, but also by pouring it for free into your own cup or drinkware. For this purpose, we installed a drinking water station on the second floor of CUP near the sanitary facilities for the convenience of visitors.

Towards a circular economy

At the main entrance on the 3rd floor, we found a place for a special container to dispose of used batteries. Later they fall into the hands of authorized recyclers and are returned to the consumer in the form of new products, while avoiding pollution, protecting nature and human health.

Containers for three different types of waste in our shopping centre are part of our daily environment, and next to the shopping centre you will also find a reception point for used containers.

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