Gift packaging


There are several gift shops in the shopping centre CUP in Vilnius, where shop assistants will pack your gifts nicely and quickly. Gift wrapping only takes a few minutes.

On the 4 floor of CUP, there is a gift salon, "Dovanų pasaulis", where you can find exclusive, luxurious interior accessories and special gifts. Possible gift wrapping of items purchased here.

On the first floor of the shopping center CUP, there is a cozy shop "Gėlės ir manufaktūra", where you can find exclusive gifts - rare, exotic flowers in pots, flower boxes, beautiful interior details, cute handmade cards, small gifts for women and men. Items selected here or purchased elsewhere can be beautifully, quickly and professionally packed for a price.

In the gift shop "Dovanų šalis" located in PC CUP, you will find a wide selection of gifts for various occasions, major holidays, Valentine's Day, Boss's Day, St. John's Day and other holidays. A large part of the goods consists of personalized gifts, t-shirts, jumpers, mugs, key chains with desired inscriptions, other fun and interesting gifts.