Flower shops


A bouquet of beautiful flowers for a special occasion brings joy, uplifts the mood, and gives positive emotions. Flower shop is the place to visit when you want to create a surprise, to impress your loved ones, or to treat yourself. To do this, visit the shopping centre CUP, where a wide range of flowers, bouquets and many other items are available. You will find individual flowers (both the usual familiar ones and unique blossoms), carefully designed arrangements (from florists' bouquets to personalized arrangements) and rarer indoor flowers in stylish pots. In addition to flowers, you will also have the opportunity to buy other attributes for special occasions at Gėlės ir manufaktūra: greeting cards, various gifts, accessories, home decor items, and other goods. Stylish home decor items will enhance the interior of your home and give it a welcoming atmosphere. A visit to Gėlės ir Manufaktūra can be the perfect solution for your gift search, where you will find a wide range of gifts, different flowers to match your gift, and you will have the opportunity to choose your own wrapping to match your needs. This way you will not have to worry about a thing and the gift recipient will be pleasantly surprised. The flower shop also offers a delivery service to your home or any other place of your choice.

Which flower shops are located in the shopping centre CUP?

 The flower shop Gėlės ir manufaktūra is located in the shopping centre CUP in Vilnius.