A shipment of protective equipment for the country's health care providers travels from China to Lithuania thanks to donations from Lithuanian businesses.

23 March, 2020

A shipment of over 100,000 respirators, 15,000 safety goggles and tens of thousands of other protective equipment has been ordered for the medical community with the help of over 340,000 euros of funds raised by business. The joint efforts of the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists, the Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association, the Rotary Association and other business associations and companies, with targeted contributions, have resulted in the purchase of the missing protective equipment from China.

Businesses that have supported Lithuanian health care providers through the Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association special account:

Association “Rotary International Apygarda 1462”
UAB “Baltijos gildija”
UAB “Newsec advisers LT”
UAB “Andrum Group”
UAB “E47”
CEE “Attorneys”, professional association of lawyers
UAB “Prosperitas Baltica” (shopping centre CUP)
UAB “Optina”
UAB “Švytis”
UAB “Colliers International Advisors”
UAB “Eika”
UAB “Inreal”
UAB “Schage Real Estate”
UAB “YIT Lietuva”
UAB “Centromera”
UAB “Homa group”
UAB “Vilmesta”
UAB “Etapas Group”
UAB “Merko statyba”
UAB “Realinija”
UAB “Hanner”
UAB “Omberg”
AB “Aksa NT”
UAB “NT draudimo grupė”
UAB “Trinapolis”
UAB “BSP Asset Management LT”
UAB “MC Grupė”
UAB “Sollus”
UAB “Statybos procesų valdymas”
UAB “Baltic Asset Management”
UAB “Saripa”
UAB “Releven Project Management”
Shopping centre BIG Vilnius
UAB „Veikmė“
UAB „Technopolis Lietuva“
UAB „Dolas“
AB „Ogmios centras“
UAB „Eriadas“
UAB „Klaipėdos laisvosios ekonominės zonos valdymo bendrovė“
UAB „Neo Group“
UAB „Galio Group”
Shopping centre Akropolis Kaunas
UAB „Via sportas”
UAB „Regroup“
UAB “Delgoda”
The Currency Cloud Limited
UAB “Forma perfecta”
UAB “Kauno arena”
UAB “Depeka”
UAB “Rinvest”
UAB “Taem Group”
UAB “See Eiendom LT”
UAB “Kapitel”
UAB “Anreka”
UAB “Inreal valdymas”
UAB „Jung Vilnius”
Partners of Law Firm “Sorainen”
Martynas Žibūda
Dailidė Donatas
Martynas Trimonis

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