NPS of Lithuanian traders: measured by more businesses; however, it is difficult to compare with competitors

02 December, 2021

Among the largest supermarkets, according to the Verslo Žinios survey, only CUP, located in the capital city, measures NPS.

Ona Nevinskienė, CEO of CUP, says that she considers the NPS index as an important business indicator and has been measuring it once a year for several years. "It was only last year during the pandemic that we took a break due to previous restrictions on business. The index helps us to understand the parameters that are important to the customer, to assess their expectations and to react to them in a timely manner. The NPS index for July 2021 has increased by as much as 14% index points compared to the 2019 survey," O. Nevinskienė calculates. The survey shows that the highest increases in the index are recorded in the 18-29 age group (up 29% points) and the 30-39 age group (up 15% points). "Visitors who took part in the survey rated the most convenient location in the city, accessibility by car and public transport as the best aspects. Opening hours, cleanliness and tidiness of the premises, choice of goods, services, restaurants and cafés, attractiveness of the premises and changes in the interior were also rated highly," says O. Nevinskienė. 

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