"Maxima LT: the partnership with SC “Europa” has been wavy, it is time to end it

09 November, 2023

26 November is the last working day for “Maxima” in “Europa”, after which the process of moving out the long-standing lessee and handing over the premises to the new one will begin. The partnership, which ends just before the Christmas trading period, does not seem to have fully met the expectations of Maxima's management.

J. Bivainytė: welcome to the CUP

According to Jolanta Bivainytė, General Director of “Maxima LT”, it has to be admitted that the company’s partnership with SC “Europa” has been a very uneven one, and was not the kind of partnership one would expect from a long-term partner.

“It is time to end this partnership, so we will close our store in “Europa” at the end of the lease term and will invite the customers who appreciate and like our assortment to go to the Maxima store right next door to the CUP”, J. Bivainytė tells VŽ.

“Maxima XX”, which is still in “Europa”, is described by the trader herself as a small and convenient store where you can find the products you need and buy them quickly and easily. It offers 10,000 different names of food and industrial products, including meat, poultry, fish, bread, dairy products, salads, mixes, grilled products, cakes, pastries, and more.

Inviting us to the CUP Maxima store, located in the shopping centre just nearby, J. Bivainytė notes that this store was renovated over the summer, became much more spacious, has other advantages, such as a convenient parking lot, and is a favourite of Vilnius residents who live, work and have entertainment near the White Bridge.

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