The sculpture reminds us: having too many appliances at home is not a sign of power or wisdom

05 June, 2023

As we enjoy the benefits of technology, we need to be responsible for how and how much we consume, as well as how we dispose of our devices. A recently erected sculpture in the centre of Vilnius, next to the shopping centre on the River Neris, invites to think about this. This popular place in the capital is the new stop of a project by the Association of Electronics Distributors (AED) in collaboration with the renowned sculptor Martynas Gaubas. Created for World Environment Day, the #ape_tit sculpture depicts an ape with a crown perched on a pile of electronic appliances.

The idea for the sculpture was dictated by research into consumer behaviour

"With the sculpture, we want to encourage responsible consumption, draw attention to the accumulation of unused or almost unused appliances at home, and remind people of the possibility of responsible disposal of electronic waste. The idea for the sculpture came from several consumer behaviour studies conducted by our association, which reveal how many unused or almost unused appliances we have in our homes, and as soon as we have time to buy them, we realize that we don't need them", says AED Director Linas Ivanauskas.

"Our clients are mostly young, educated people working in the centre of Vilnius and young families living here. These are people who care about healthy living and the future of the planet. These customer values, the CUP's geography, our investments and projects combine many elements of sustainability: an environment that promotes mobility, sporting events, transport that supports the city's ecology, the opportunity to sort waste responsibly, and the sale of quality items and books returned by customers. It is no coincidence that we have found space in this place for a message about the sustainable use and disposal of electronic devices", says Ona Nevinskienė, Head of the CUP Shopping Centre.

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The sculpture reminds us: having too many appliances at home is not a sign of power or wisdom

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