The CUP Shopping Centre terraces become part of Vilnius culture

27 May, 2022

The expanding, constantly updated terraces of the CUP Shopping Centre are becoming an increasingly attractive place that combines the views of Vilnius with the Neris River waterfront, the culture of delicious food and rich entertainment.

"Having become the shopping centre with the most terraces, we have not stopped there. Our ambition is not only to grow visitor traffic or income, but also to feel that we are part of the city’s culture and creators, together with the CUP lessees. It is rewarding to see lessees raising the bar of service quality, contributing to the culture of the city in the broadest sense. And the ambition of our business community is certainly seen and appreciated by the event organisers, who come to us with interesting proposals," says Ona Nevinskienė, the CUP CEO. 

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