The CUP, famous for its abundance of terraces: inviting you to new outdoor spaces and to picnic

29 April, 2021

The CUP Shopping Centre, with the largest number of terraces and located in the centre of the capital near the River Neris, is welcoming the Japanese cherry blossom season with a campaign to promote picnic culture.

It has announced a picnic season, invites visitors to its new, renovated and much-loved terraces, and will give blankets to takeaway customers. " The increase in the number of terraces in such an attractive urban location, for the shopping centre located on the side of the river and recreational areas, is a natural synergy with the environment. We would be misunderstood if we did not take advantage of the existing geographical location, and now also of the special need dictated by the health challenges of the time," promises CUP CEO Ona Nevinskienė. 

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