Narvesen's new concept

13 April, 2023

S. Žilėnas has big plans – about 50 Narvesen stores will undergo major changes in the near future. The shopping outlets are being reconstructed and several new Narvesen stores are being built.

"We have renewed the concept of Narvesen, every customer will see the visual changes, I think we are becoming more modern and cosy," S. Žilėnas concludes. One of the renovated stores, combining a café and a traditional assortment, can be visited at SC CUP in the capital.

Narvesen's new concept consists of two cornerstones: fresh, healthier food, developed together with Kristina Pišniukaite-Šimkienė, creator of the blog "On the Wooden Shelf", and the first self-service Caffeine area in the Baltic States. It offers organic Caffeine coffee to customers.

Overall, the convenience shopping market is very dynamic and constantly changing. It is not surprising that it is of interest to many market players in the segment, reflects S. Žilėnas. The Narvesen format is based on a smaller type of store for an urban person in a hurry, focusing on locations such as city centres, offices, airports, bus/train stations, hospitals.

"Accordingly, our assortment is narrower than that of some of our competitors, designed to be consumed here and now, rather than taken home," says S. Žilėnas.

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Photo by Judita Grigelytė (VŽ)

Narvesen's new concept

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