Businesses in the centre of the capital – together with the active, young Vilnius

05 April, 2023

The CUP Shopping Centre, located in the centre of Vilnius by the River Neris, is catching the wave of young people with the warmth of spring. The businesses gathered here know their customer's portrait well. It is shaped by the CUP's business strategy, as well as by the lessees' active marketing efforts and investments. The outdoor terraces are designed to meet the needs of the young, active, mobile and modern Vilnius resident or young family working in this urban area and have been built, renovated and expanded year after year. The added value of these terraces is that they offer some of the most stunning views of the capital.

The activation of Young Vilnius is doubly pleasant

"Seeing the White Bridge area come to life as the weather warms up is a double joy for us and our lessees. On the one hand, it is the place where young Vilnius, whose image is emphasized by the organisers of the capital's Jubilee Year, shines through like nowhere else. We feel really good when we realise how right our strategy was to develop the outdoor terraces and to bring together brands that are focused on the audience of active, modern youth and that are able to meet the needs of this group of visitors," says Ona Nevinskienė, the Head of the CUP Shopping Centre.

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