Combination of investment, location and lessee advantages pushes CUP's visitor flow curve upwards

29 June, 2023

The well-utilized advantages of the geographical location, well-chosen lessees and far-sighted investments increase the flow of visitors to the CUP shopping center located in the capital. This growth is accompanied by rising lessee turnover and a growing influence on business, sports, leisure and entertainment culture in the Vilnius city centre. The Sportland store opening on 3 July and the Maxima store renovated in June are also expected to contribute to the forecasted good summer season performance.

Compared to 2022, the visitor flows grew by 28 percent

"It is one thing to inherit a great place for business or cultural development with spectacular views of the city and the riverside, but it is another to evaluate it through the prism of long-term investment and development trends. I think that the growth in visitor numbers over the last few years confirms that we have managed to combine not only these two important factors, but also to make the right decisions in selecting the most promising lessees. As one of the proofs of this, the total number of visitors to our shopping centre in January-May this year was on average 28 percent higher compared to the same period last year," says Ona Nevinskienė, the Head of CUP Shopping Centre.

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