An unusual Christmas tree was erected in one of Vilnius shopping centres

15 November, 2022

The CUP Shopping Centre, located in the centre of the capital, is decorated by a spectacular Christmas tree made of woollen socks and gloves. It was made by 11 knitters from Pasvalys and Pakruojis districts over the course of a year – four of them were knitting only gloves, the others – mainly socks. The number of the coming year is represented by 2023 pairs – 616 gloves and 1407 socks.

"There can be little doubt that the warmth, cosiness and sustainability of such a Christmas tree surpass that of many other trees. At least, we didn't have to think for long on what Christmas symbol would be the best expression of social responsibility this year and at the same time bring the most joy," says Ona Nevinskienė, CEO of the CUP Shopping Centre.

The leader of the team of knitters, most of whom are women living in or near Pasvalys, and the author of the idea for the knitted Christmas tree is Violeta Židonienė, a 60-year-old resident of Pasvalys. Upon her initiative, in 2019, Panevėžys residents enjoyed a similar Christmas tree, while last year – Kaunas residents. For them, just like this year for Vilnius residents, it was also a good opportunity to buy woollen socks or gloves decorated with authentic knitting patterns of the Pasvalys and Pakruojis regions. The most beautiful of these were knitted by Elena, an 82-year-old knitter living in Pakruojis district. She still knits without glasses.

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