Birthday greeting to the capital -– 3D video projection in the city centre

26 January, 2023

"Located in the heart of Vilnius, we observe the rapidly changing central business district of Vilnius and enjoy its youthfulness. I think this is also perfectly reflected in the 3D video projection of the birthday greeting created by L. Urniežius for the capital. The shopping centre's wish for Vilnius is to continue to be a cosy, modern and at the same time interesting and colourful European city, while nurturing its best traditions, both for the people living here and for its guests," says Ona Nevinskienė, CEO of the CUP Shopping Centre.

According to the author of the video projection dedicated to the capital's birthday, L. Urniežius, the basis of the work is the desire to congratulate Vilnius on its birthday, and the central theme is complemented by the setting of the Vilnius Festival of Lights, which is taking place these days.

"We used a variety of compilations of the city's most famous symbols and buildings, including elements of the capital's Jubilee Year logo and their transformations. We created several scenes in which all the buildings that are important for the capital are combined into one place. In addition, the birthday celebration is about colours, which reflect the colourfulness of life, so we chose colourful animations and introduced pop art elements. We wanted to make sure that there was no commercialism, but just a splash of colour and good mood," says the artist.

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