Sustainable shopping centres: changing consumers spark new ambitious goals

07 September, 2022

Ona Nevinskienė, director of the CUP Shopping Centre, located in the centre of the capital near the White Bridge, thinks that Lithuanian consumers may find shops selling goods that are not new or made from recycled materials interesting. The CUP’s visitors are seen using reusable drink containers, and some lessees offer a discount on drinks poured into a takeaway container, which is welcomed by shoppers. It is also popular to put goods in the reusable shopping bags they bring.

"Specialised shops selling sustainable products could attract a lot of visitors. On the other hand, it is very important to consider that not only the goods meet the sustainability requirements, but also the lessee's overall operations and process steps meet the sustainability requirements. We will aim to implement them comprehensively together with the lessees over a period of several years", O. Nevinskienė is planning.

She emphasises that sustainability makes sense and is economically beneficial for society as a whole, and the shopping centre is constantly making decisions related to sustainability. Waste sorting has long been implemented. The lighting system uses LED lamps, which ensure energy savings. In 2021, a contract was signed with Enefit, a green energy company, which generates electricity from shale, wind, biomass and recycled waste.

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