The CUP has settled with Sportland, while Maxima, Topo Centras and National Blood Centre remain for the long term

03 March, 2023

The CUP, the modernising shopping centre with a strong lessee base in the centre of Vilnius, located by the River Neris, continues to follow its strategy, which promises to benefit the city and its visitors. Sportland, the largest sporting goods and athleisure fashion retailer in the Baltics, has recently joined the business community under the CUP roof, and today has plans to further activate the sports and leisure infrastructure on the banks of the River Neris. Maintaining the position of strong lessees, the CUP has renewed contracts with Maxima, Topo Centras and the National Blood Centre.

"Our targeted investment in a geographically, culturally and logistically attractive location for retail businesses attracts strong brands that have earned the trust of consumers. One such brand is the Sportland trade chain. We are particularly pleased with the lease agreement with this brand, which we expect to bring significant added value to both the shopping centre’s business community and consumers," says Ona Nevinskienė, CEO of the shopping centre.

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