In PC CUP you can find two different chocolate makers – “Šokolado meistrai” and “Rūta”.

“Šokolado meistrai” produces and sells confectionery products of exceptional quality and taste. The greatest attention is paid to the product quality, freshness and customer service, so the raw materials for production are selected very carefully, and the freshest products are delivered to the shop every day. The range of products is very wide, from handmade candies to gourmet cakes, which contain a harmonious combination of chocolate with hard cheese and other products. Fruit or cheese cakes with a fresh taste are also made. “Šokolado meistrai” shop sells various types of coffee, tea, dried fruits, tea boxes, teapots, cups and other things related to the pleasant rituals of drinking coffee or tea.

“Rūta” shop is proud of its 100-year history of chocolate products, because it is a family business that has been operating for more than a century, based on hard work, experience, knowledge and love for sweets. “Rūta” exclusive products have won more than 40 awards at various exhibitions. The masters of “Rūta” pay great attention to preserving the authenticity of Lithuanian recipes and Lithuanian manufacturing traditions. Real masterpieces of taste are born from old traditional recipes, diversified with modern ingredients. “Rūta” products range includes various chocolate figures, chocolate bars of all flavours, candies in boxes, chocolate dragee with berry or nut filling, chocolate chips. Recently, the assortment of “Rūta” was supplemented with fruit, nut and seed candies without gluten.

You can find these chocolate/confectionery shops in Vilnius, Upės g. 9, PC CUP.