Photo services


Can I have my photo taken in the CUP shopping centre?

No, this service is not available at CUP.

Can I print my photos at the CUP shopping centre?

The CUP shopping centre has a Boft photo printing terminal, which offers photo printing from your mobile device or Instagram account. The PC-based shop Eurokos produces photos, while "Dovanų idėjos" offers photo engraving on souvenirs or other items you value.

At PC CUP in Vilnius, you will find Boft photo printing. You can choose between polaroid and full-size photographs. In the Eurokos shop, the cost of producing photos depends on the format and the printing paper. You can choose Fuji CA photo paper or Professional Paper Silk photo paper. The price of the photo engraving service at "Dovanų idėjos" depends on the item you want to have engraved.