Why should you choose handmade crafts?

Unique handmade items created with love and care are for all people who value handmade crafts: it delights you and lets you feel and experience the creators' distinctive style and craftsmanship. Various types of crafts can fill your home interior, decorate your items, or brighten your days in other ways. To create your handmade products, handicraft kits will provide you the tools need to start crafting right away. The kits will provide you with a quality leisure activity that lets you explore new creative ways to express yourself and experience joy.

 If original, unique handmade products are something that keeps you and your loved ones happy, if you value creativity and the time you spend doing it - a visit to the shopping centre CUP will be something that is guaranteed to pleasantly surprise you. The range of products in the shops not only includes tools, materials, and accessories for creative activities, but also the handmade products. In CUP's Pigu.lt, Pepco, Pinokis shops, as well as in the Pegasas bookshop, you will have the opportunity to see, touch and buy the carefully made quality handmade products. The handicraft stores will also give you the opportunity to feel inspired and a burst of new creative ideas.