Why choose kitchen products at CUP?

The kitchenware stores at the shopping centre CUP in Vilnius offer high quality, durable and long-lasting kitchen products from well-known brands and different manufacturers all under one roof. With a wide range of kitchenware in different shapes and colors, made from a variety of materials, you will easily find the right products you need for your kitchen, as well as contribute to the interior design of your home. Pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, kitchen tools and accessories, teapots, cups, and other cooking and serving utensils are the products that can be found in the wide assortment of kitchen utensils available in the shopping centre’s CUP shops. Stylish and quality cutlery and accessories, when chosen well, will make cooking and eating a small feast. Top quality kitchenware from Gerduva and Žana stores will give you the opportunity to renew your kitchen, make your home more harmonious, help you cook more easily, and save you time with innovative solutions. Pepco will take care of everyone's needs in the kitchen at very low prices. Pigu.lt offers a wide range of home, children's, beauty, and kitchen items. After ordering online, you can pick up your order at the physical store in the shopping centre. Here you can also see and buy the products on site.

Which shopping centre’s CUP stores sell kitchenware?

 Kitchenware is available at Gerduva, Pepco, Pigu.lt, and Žana.