Embroidery stores


Are there embroidery supplies shops in the CUP mall?

Yes, Verpalai sells PC CUP sewing, knitting and needlework supplies.

Goods intended for creative hobby only in the store "Verpalai" of the CUP shopping center located in Vilnius. You can find embroidery supplies at PC CUP Upės street 9. "Yarn" offers a wide range of goods, so everyone who visits will find the tools they need for their creative activities. The diverse range of goods includes not only the quantity of goods of different categories, but also the types of those goods and a wide range of colors. At "Yarn" you can buy wool, cashmere, cotton, linen and other fabric fiber yarns, knitting, skeins, needles and their accessories. Such supplies as knitting goods, embroidery supplies, handicraft tools, their accessories and quality give handmade products uniqueness, emphasize their uniqueness, and turn handicraft activity into a pleasant, creative way of spending time. At "Verpalai" you will find the products of the following manufacturers: "Vimar 1991 SPA", "Grignasco", "Adriafil", "Diktas", "Alvita". The sewing, knitting and needlework shop "Verpalai" on the fourth floor of the CUP shopping center has helpful employees, are ready to advise visitors on all questions related to knitting, crocheting and handicrafts. In the store, customers can also be assisted in choosing the most suitable tools for their handmade products. "Yarn" customers, who visit the store, which is open every day of the week from 10:00 to 22:00, will have the opportunity to learn about the best methods of care for handicrafts so that their products last as long as possible and remain as good as new.