Various small electronics repair services are available at the CUP shopping centre in Vilnius. PC CUP can repair computers, computer motherboards, charger cables and plugs, batteries, chargers, cameras, headphone jacks, motherboards, phones. PC CUP operates a mobile phone repair shop called Mobili, which provides a range of mobile phone repair services (screen, battery, charging socket and back cover replacement, software update, moisture removal, data preservation, screen lock removal).

ITECH computer and phone service offers computer and mobile phone repair services. Qualified IT specialists with many years of experience in the IT market ensure the high quality of repair services. For IT specialists, years of experience means accumulated knowledge of the most common malfunctions, their causes and effective ways of solving problems. The parts used for repairs are of the highest quality standards. So you can trust ITECH to repair your computer or phone with confidence. ITECH prides itself on its fast and excellent service, with work taking between 1 hour and 3 days depending on the malfunction. Short repair times are very important for people who work with computers, as most people know how stressful it can be to have a computer crash in the middle of a job. Another very important service provided by ITECH is the immediate extraction of information from the failed computer. The most common malfunctions repaired are cracked or broken computer screens. ITECH service prices depend on the specific malfunctiont and the parts needed.