Quality spices and spice blends from shopping centre CUP will add a variety of distinctive flavors and aromas to any dish. The CUP stores offer a wide range of versatile spice blends, popular herbs and spiced vegetables that are not usually found in everyday cooking in Lithuania. The shopping centre offers both individual spices as well as mixtures of spices made from carefully selected ingredients that are highly complementary to each other. You will also find more exotic seasonings such as Georgian, Armenian and others, while Indian spices from CUP’s stores will add a special flavor to your dishes. Informative descriptions on the packaging will help you choose the right product, find out about its composition and its compatibility with other food products. Livin will ensure a daily, healthier selection for every customer's diet. The shelves are stocked with natural spices and spice blends, free from any preservatives, artificial flavor enhancers and colorings. Unique spice flavors, different base notes of spice blends and quality products from all over the world will make cooking and eating even more enjoyable. Vegan spices are also available in the shop. With a wide selection of spices from a variety of brands and manufacturers, Maxima will make sure that every customer can buy what they are looking for at the best price.

Which spice shops can I find in the shopping centre CUP? 

 Livin and Maxima shops stock a wide range of herbs, which are available in the shopping centre CUP in Vilnius.