Chinese food restaurants


PC CUP has a cosy Chinese cuisine restaurant „Kinų perlas“. The chef of this restaurant is originally from China, so he knows the subtleties of Chinese cuisine and produces delicious dishes that are highly appreciated by visitors. Chinese food has long been a favourite with Lithuanians, so this restaurant is not short of visitors. Everyone who comes for a meal is warmly welcomed and attentively served. The restaurant's menu is so varied that even the most demanding customers can find a dish they like.

Dishes include the much-loved crispy sweet and sour chicken, Guo Bao chicken, the popular chicken „Vyšnaitė“, beef, pork, duck and turkey dishes with a variety of sauces. There are also fish dishes, seafood and prawns, frog legs. With all meals, it is recommended to order rice with eggs, vegetables or shrimp, and salads, of which there is also a large selection.

The restaurant „Kinų pearlas“ serves several types of soup. For dessert, apples prepared with caramel sauce are available. The food at „Kinų perlas“ does not use the flavour enhancer glutamate.

The restaurant serves a daily lunch from 11:00 to 14:00, which includes soup and a main course with rice and salad. For a cosy and romantic dinner, please make a reservation. The restaurant also has an outdoor terrace with great views.

For meals at home or at work, any meal can be ordered for takeaway or via the food delivery app. The Chinese restaurant „Kinų perlas“ is located in Vilnius, PC CUP, Upės g. 9.