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I–VII 10.00–22.00

8 659 44131



The group of healshops LIVIN is offering high quality natural and organic food, cosmetics and cleaning products.
The majority of the food offered is certified organic. Why it is important? Because you can be sure it is grown without harch pesticides, growth hormones, synthetic fertilizers, GMO and etc.
There are no parabens in natural and organic cosmetics, as well as mineral oils and paraffins, syntetic colours and fragrancies, petrochemical products.
The goal is not just to avoid what is desired to be avoided. But to have products that nourish and gratify. Because oil is not just oil and juice is not equal to juice. Try and feel it – smell, taste, aftertaste and sense of well-being.
Quality good, what is it? It is nice that a product is not harmful, but is none the less important to have it functional and efficient. We think that face cream must moisturize and nourish, the laundry liquid make closes clean and food must be tasty.

Organic and natural high quality food, cosmetics and cleaning products

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