What optical shops are there in the Shopping Centre CUP?

Optio are optical shop operating in the Shopping Centre CUP, and “Eagle eye” is a standing vending machine in CUP, where you can quickly and conveniently purchase contact lenses and their liquids from the best manufacturers.

The assortment of the Optio shop comprises: corrective glasses, sunglasses, stylish eyeglass frames and contact lenses. Even the most selective customer will find attractive optical product offers. The “Eagle eye” vending machine is available during the working hours of the Shopping Centre CUP – from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, so every visitor will have the opportunity to purchase the necessary optical goods at a convenient time. In the shop “Eagle eye” located in Vilnius, you will find daily, monthly and three-month contact lenses, Optio vision-improving corrective glasses, stylish frames and a wide selection of high-quality sunglasses. The optical products offered in these shops of the Shopping Centre CUP will help you to see better, look more stylish and live a better life. Professional consultants working in opticians will help customers to purchase the products they need, that fit them, ensure maximum comfort and reflect their needs and expectations