Rings are accessories that enhance any look, emphasizing the uniqueness and beauty of each individual. You can buy unique jewelry of exceptional design in Vilnius, in the shopping centre CUP. Gold, silver, jeweled, one-of-a-kind, exclusive, unique or simple, minimalist, massive, expressive or small and almost invisible rings - such a wide selection of jewelry will guarantee that every visitor will find the rings that best suit his or her taste. From costume jewelry rings to luxury diamond inlaid jewelry, the wide range of accessories awaits all visitors at the shopping centre. The well-chosen and well-matched accessory can make your dreams come true and make your special occasion an even bigger celebration. The jewelry shops of the shopping centre offer rings designed by Lithuanian and foreign manufacturers, suitable for both men and women, with special, exclusive collections of wedding and engagement rings, and accessories reflecting the modern trends in jewelry fashion.

A ring shop is a place where you can relax, as the consultants will take care of everything for you: they will provide you with the information about the jewelry you are interested in, advise you, and help you choose the rings that best meet your expectations. Every customer who visits the shopping centre will have the chance to discover the perfect piece of jewelry for them and create a unique and distinctive style statement.

Which ring stores are located in CUP?

 Rings are available at the following CUP stores: Argentum, Atėjolaikas, Brasco Fashion, Fashion Zone, Kamėja, Sidabrinis takas, the online order pick-up point and the physical store Pigu.lt, Tomas Gold, and Vilniaus Juvelyrika.