Household goods stores

What kind of homeware shops are there in the Shopping Centre CUP?

"Gėlės ir manufaktūra", "Gerduva", "Merkys", "Metalo amžius", "Pepco", "", "Simrakt", "Žana".

What kind of homeware goods are there in the shops of the Shopping Centre CUP?

At “Gėlės ir manufaktūra”, you will find not only well-kept plants, their pots and original bouquets, but also postcards, gifts, items for the home and other offers. Top-quality kitchen utensils, tools, dishes and interior furnishings are what “Žana” shop offer for purchase and renewal. “Merkys” sells home textiles: blankets of different fillings, pillows, bedspreads, plaids, and other textile products. Products that facilitate everyone’s household, housekeeping and maintenance, and stand out for their long warranty period, quality and wide assortment will be waiting for visitors in the “Gerduva” shop. “” is a wide range of home, children’s, beauty and other products, after choosing from a large selection and ordering online, you can pick up your orders in a physical shop, where you will also find different product offers. “Pepco”, the clothing shop for the whole family and homeware goods, will surprise visitors with very low prices. “Simrakt” sells watches, key chains, door locks and power supplies for electronic devices, the shop also provides key-making, watch, remote control and lock repair services.

In these shops in Vilnius, every visitor will have the opportunity to purchase: products manufactured by “Leifheit”, “Spirella”, “Aladdin”, “Stanley”, “Luminarc”, “Tramontina”, “Pyrex”, and other brands.