There are several fast food restaurants in Vilnius, PC CUP – Sushi City, Subway and Hesburger.

Sushi City is a Japanese fast food chain restaurant. It is often the restaurant of choice for Japanese food lovers for a quick, tasty and healthy meal. Sushi city focuses on traditional cooking, always using fresh ingredients and only serving dishes on request. The menu at Sushi City includes different types of sushi, sushi kits, soups, salads, snacks and desserts. Order and pay easily using the restaurant's online shop or the app www.

Subway restaurants are associated with fresh food, with bread baked daily, fresh vegetables and sauces. Subway restaurants are frequented by sandwich lovers. Visitors can make their own sandwich by choosing the size of the sandwich, the type of bread, the sandwich accompaniments or the salad. There are endless sandwich options to suit everyone's taste. You can order hot or cold drinks to go with your sandwich, or you can choose a set that includes a sandwich, a drink with a cookie, chips or apple.

Restaurants in the Hesburger chain offer fast service and friendly prices. The menu at the Hesburger restaurant includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, salads, French fries, tortillas, chicken nuggets, desserts, fruit and berry smoothies, children's kits and vegetarian dishes.

All these fast food restaurants can be found in Vilnius, Upės g. 9, PC CUP.