Which restaurants in the CUP shopping centre have terraces? 

Weather permitting, the terraces of „Subway”, „Julius Meinl”, „Skonis ir kvapas”, „Caif Cafe”, „Džiugas”, „Crustum” will welcome everyone to enjoy delicious food and warm weather on the ground floor of the CUP shopping centre in Vilnius. The “Vero Cafe” on the third floor of the building and the terraces of the nearby “Grill London” are two great options for enjoying the views of the Old Town in the capital. There is also the “Upės terasa” ("River Terrace"), a space on the fifth floor of the shopping centre offering spectacular views of Vilnius Old Town. Spending time on the terrace will be even more enriched by events taking place here and food orders from "Manami", "Charlie Pizza" or "Can Can" restaurants. On the sixth floor of the building, the “Grill Terrace” opens its doors for the season and is a great place for grill enthusiasts. All terraces are open during the warm season, weather permitting.

Enjoying delicious, quality food and the beautiful weather and admiring spectacular views of the city can easily be combined. The CUP Shopping Centre’s cosy rooftop restaurant terraces will allow you to relax, dine and enjoy not only delicious food at attractive prices, but also good weather conditions. The excellent views of Vilnius Old Town from the outdoor terraces will only further enrich the experience of visiting restaurants and will allow you to see why the terraces in Vilnius are so appreciated by individuals, larger groups and gatherings.