1 Floor

I–V 8.00–21.00 VI–VII 10.00–21.00


One of the greatest advantages of EUROVAISTINĖ are the openness to changes and attention for customers’ needs. We are those, who are always looking for new products and services, for new ways of customers services, we always have what to offer for customers.  “EUROVAISTINĖ Express” is the first pharmacy of the new format, which is perfect for those, who are in rush. There you can find all the most important medicines and products for health. There you can not only find everything you need in short period of time, but also have professional advices of pharmacist. For the convenience, on the 3rd floor you can still find renew EUROVAISTINĖ pharmacy, which has wide assortment of beauty and health products, there works pharmacists and the specialists of the beauty.

EUROVAISTINĖ is the main chain of pharmacy in Lithuania, so we can always offer for you the necessary and innovative medicine, give advice about health or beauty. We try to ensure the convenience, great prices and perfect services. There you can always find different discounts.

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