River Terrace

The River Terrace is a new space of leisure, restaurants and concerts located on the 5th floor of the Shopping Center CUP with spectacular panoramic view to the Vilnius Old Town!

It‘s a great place to meet with friends, enjoy delicious meals in the restaurants Manami, Charlie Pizza, Kinų perlas and listen to good music!





1 July, a concert by RONDO on the River Terrace!

On 1 July, come to visit a new space, Upės terasa (River Terrace), located on the 5th floor of the Shopping Center CUP, where you can enjoy good music and spectacular views of the old town!

RONDO is a living legend of the Lithuanian music with their timeless songs that many generations of Lithuanian music lovers grew up up and that represent a good Lithuanian rock & roll. These are the songs that inspire you one to love, dance, relax, move away from everyday life and have fun.

Click to purchase the ticket: https://bit.ly/3wP6gif

Doors open at 18:00.

Concert starts: 19:30

Terrace of the Shopping Centre CUP Upės terasa, 5th floor.

Rondo koncertas Upes terasoje


1 July, at 22:00, DJ Greenius will be playing on the River Terrace! Free admission!

When he started playing at discos and making his audiences dance in his school days, Dominykas felt immediately attracted to the music of old times. Disco, Funk, and Groove styles became his favourites, and later, going deeper and diving into the vastness of music, the playlists of electronic music emerged. Having worked on school radio for many years, later organizing various events and projects, Dominykas has adopted the colours and styles of different cultures, so the current Greenius’ records are never monotonous, which you will be able to witness soon yourselves!

CUP_Upes terasa_DJ_Greenius


2 and 3 July, at 20:00, DJ Dee will be playing on the River Terrace!

On 2-3 July, we‘ll be playing vinyl records the River Terrace! Free admission!

Valdas Kazakevičius or DJ Dee, a veteran of the Lithuanian hip-hop scene, producer, composer and a DJ, will be at the counter. During his career that started in 2007, Valdas won several awards and shared the stage with such famous names as Ja Rule, B-Real, Xzibit, Sugar Hill Gang and many more.


UEFA EURO 2020 live streams on the River Terrace


We invite you to watch the live streams of UEFA EURO 2020 football championship semi-final and final on the River Terrace on the 5th floor of the Shopping Centre CUP:

6 July (Tuesday), start at 21:40.

7 July (Wednesday), start at 21:40.

11 July (Sunday), start at 21:40.


There are restaurants and bars on the terrace, as well as a large screen to enjoy quality live streams of matches.

UEFA Euro 2020 translaicija CUP 5 ame aukste


9 July, at 20:00, DJ Ya Note will be playing on the River Terrace!

Ya Note is a collector of vinyl records, a harvester of sweet music shades, who mixes different genres of music searching for interesting connections in them. Free admission!

CUP Upes terasa_liepos 9 d._DJ YA NOTE


10 July, at 20:00, DJ Birds will be playing on the River Terrace!

DJ Birds will start mixing on the River Terrace from 20.00. Sounds of downtempo, beats, jazz and funk!

Free admission!

CUP Upes terasa_lipos 10d_DJ BIRDS


16 July, at 20:00, DJ Matto will be playing on the River Terrace!

Laisvūnas Černovas, aka “Matto”, started his career in 2013. During this period, the DJ performed in most of the most popular Lithuanian clubs, cocktail bars, terraces and visited different Lithuanian cities. This Friday, the DJ will share his music on the River Terrace, which opens to the most beautiful views of Vilnius.

On his creative path, Matto got acquainted and built a beautiful friendship with THE ROOP, referred to as one of the best Lithuanian bands. The results of this friendship and joint collaboration in a studio have already conquered Europe. These are “On Fire” and “Discoteque”, the works that have been heard by many both in Lithuania and abroad. These hits are just the beginning and Matto continues to working in the studio with THE ROOP, improving the sound of new songs.

Free admission, waiting for everyone from 20:00!

CUP Upes terasa_DJ Matto


Magijos, dainų ir pasakų popietė vaikams

Liepos 18 d., aukščiau žemės, arčiau dangaus – „Upės terasoje“ – magijos, dainų ir pasakų popietė šeimoms. Magijos pasirodymą atliks aktorius-burtininkas Jurijus Majauskas, pasaką „Vienaragis ir jį lydintys asmenys“ seks bei dainuos aktorius, bardas, svajotojas Giedrius Arbačiauskas.

Pasimatysime „Upės terasoje“ liepos 18 d. 13.00 val.

Bilietus į šeimų popietę platina: bilietai.lt

CUP_Upes terasa_Dainos ir pasakos vaikams

OG VERSION concert on the River Terrace on 23 July!

OG Version will hold one of the most electrifying concerts this summer on the River Terrace, 5th floor of Shopping Centre CUP on Upės St 9, Vilnius.

The concert of 23 July on the River Terrace offers a unique opportunity to attend, after a long break, a powerful concert of OG Version, with Proflame and Furytto joining them on stage.

We‘ll be getting on stage at 20:00. Come and let’s make some noise!

Tickets available at: bilietai.lt.


CUP_Upes teras_OG Version (1)


29 July at 20:00, a concert by DESPOTIN FAM on the River Terrace

DESPOTIN FAM introduces citizens of the world: producer and arranger Vitalijus Vaiper Despotin, sound engineer and lyricist Paulius Shmekla Sugintas, freestyle master Justas Liezhuvis Rudžianskas and Vytas Laikrodis Endriulaitis from Australia. The band has jointly released four full albums and several singles, and the video created for the song “Nemiriau” was awarded the main prize by the commission at the international film festival “Kino pavasaris”.

Tickets available at: bilietai.lt





30 July at 20:00, a concert by REBELHEART on the River Terrace


No matter how long the road, no matter how black the rain, this band, a living legend, will perform in the same configuration, unchanged for 29 years, and will give a two-part live sound concert, during which the guests will hear only the best and most famous works of the band that made all rebellious and musical hearts to beat the rhythm of rock music. Аctively preparing for its 30th anniversary on stage this year, RebelHeart promises to play something more that has never been heard before …

Band configuration:

Darius Mickus – vocals

Dainius Urbanavičius – guitars

Regimantas Turūta – bass

Kęstutis Jurkšaitis – drums


Tickets available at: bilietai.lt




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