I–III 10:00–23:00
IV–VI 10:00–24:00
VII 10:00–23:00


La Crepe is a place always cosy and close to the heart. A great place to have a snack, a cup of coffee or meet friends. Every visitor finds here that they need, something to make them smile and satisfy their hunger.

Boasting the largest selection of crepes – it can be a light breakfast, satisfying lunch, and sweet surprise. After all, La Crepe is more than just pancakes… From the simplicity of home style cooking to really gourmet style; you will find it all here the traditional potato pancakes, new original pizzas, and a hungry visitor can select hot salads or grilled steak.

La Crepe pays special attention to coffee. The unique coffee Illy, recognized all over the world is a mixture of 9 types of 100% Arabica coffee. This coffee is distinguished by its remarkable taste and aroma, therefore it never disappoints even the most dainty guests of La Crepe.


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