3 Floor

I–V 10.00–20.00 VI 10.00–17.00


We are engaged in manufacturing duplicates of various (from the most simple to the most complicated encoded) keys; We manufacture and program keys for cars, maps of Renault cars; We program control panels for the gate of the yard and garage, key chains and contactless tags for the doorphone; We repair consoles, buttons, replace key casings; We sell all kinds of batteries for watches, consoles, hearing aids, scales, other devices, at the request of the client we provide a service for battery replacement and cleaning of the device; We sell hinged and mortise locks, we provide a service for replacement and repair; We sell and repair watches, we change belts and we shorten bracelets; We sell key chains and key tags; We sharpen household scissors and kitchen knives.

Key making, change of baterys, individual and houshoold tool repair.

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