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Public institution National blood center is the biggest blood donation institution in Lithuania, which main task is to serve all country’s hospitals, by the need to provide safe blood and it’s components for patients, promote unremunerated blood donation in society.

Blood is needed for more than 200 people each day, blood transfusion is needed for patients after major surgery, parturient women, burned, injuredandsuffering fromvarious diseases. The only source of blood is other healthy people.

The main principle of blood donation is no damage for donor and the biggest benefit for patient.

One of the main reasons – support thenoblemission ofblood donationandto encourage people togivebloodseveral times a year.

At National blood center donor’s health is constantlymonitored and evaluated. Lithuania’s and others country’s long experience shows that regularblooddonationdoes not havea negative impact for donor’s health.

More information about blood donation you can find at National blood center’s website:




Days off:

January 1st, February 11th, first and second Christian Easter day, May 1st,  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, June 24th, July 6th, August 15th, November 1st, first Christmas Day


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