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“INDANCE Dance Entertainment” is an active community of leisure-time enthusiasts who meet to learn and entertain while dancing. Cuban Salsa, Solo Latino and Dance – Three different dance offerings that we have been publishing for over 10 years, and the power to grow students and a constantly renewed circle of beginners confirm every year our main motto – “There must be a lot of pleasure!”

Cuban salsa dancing in pairs is the easiest way to dance the salsa that will allow you to enjoy dance in any space.

Cuban salsa INDANCE, – Your journey to Cuba!

Solo Latino INDANCE, – the soul sings, the body thanks!

Recreational dance is a great way to spend time with the two, because each of us has a goal that we can achieve by learning to dance.

Indulge dance INDANCE, – while your mind is resting, your body becomes stronger!

Would you like to try something? Follow the registration for new groups for beginners, and no longer live up to anything. At lessons, we rely on 10 years of experience and use not only dance, but also pedagogy, psychology and other knowledge, constantly changing and updating them. After all, the most important thing is that your efforts to pay off with great pleasure! Dance


Dancing lessons.

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